Wil Wheatons response to a little girl on how to deal with being called a nerd

Watch One Man’s Perfect Response to a Girl on How to Deal with Being Called a Nerd

When you were a child, were you called a nerd? If so, how did you deal with it?

At Comic Con Wil Wheaton, an American actor, blogger and writer gave the girl, Mia Gambino, what may be one of the best responses on how to deal with being called a nerd.

Some time after this happened, young Mia wrote commented on the YouTube video:

“I’m looking back on this and I remembered that I wanted to ask a question, but I was to scared to do it. My family told me I should and one year later, 8,000,000 people know me by a simple question I asked.

People don’t know who I was or what I was going through. Every time I think of going up there and asking that ONE question, I remember this one lady who looked back at me, and gave me a smile and a “Ok” sign.

I will never forget the day when I was nine years old and asked a question about being a nerd.”

Aww, how wonderful! #NerdLove 


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