1. I never made the comparison between gratitude and appreciation. Very interesting concept. Now that you said it, I can totally see the difference between the two. Gratitude does point out a gain of something that was once lacking whereas appreciation is seeing the beauty in everything no matter what. I always took gratitude to be interchangeable with appreciation but now I see, there are very different. Thanks for that insight!

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  2. Thank you for this post. I loved the photo of the drain cover. As part of a course I am doing, I recently completed a task over a week where I had to take artistic photos of things in my everyday life. The idea was to frame them in interesting ways. I found myself “seeing” so many things to enjoy that I had previously not taken the time to notice.

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  3. Ah, thanks for your honesty. I too am a living example that gratitude can be a game changer, can rewire a grumpy bitter brain into one that’s grateful (which leads to grounded, generous, and of service in the world). About that honesty: When I started writing gratitude lists (15 things a day, written by hand, began about 20 years ago), often the best I could come up was things like “I’m grateful I’m not having surgery without anesthesia right now,” or “I’m grateful I’m not staked to a fire ant’s nest with honey poured all over me.”

    While my gratitudes are much more pleasant these days (for the most part) I know that even those not-so-pleasant ones help rewire my brain.

    Blessed be.


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