1. What a beautiful yet heart wrenching story that although at times sad, shows us the spirit of love that continually shines through.. Many thanks for sharing this with us…
    May you too always feel the love of those you hold close both here and beyond..

    Love and Blessings.. Sue ❤

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  2. My father often bargained with me that he would “dance at my wedding” if I did whatever favor he was asking. He did dance at my first wedding but died 3 months later of heart failure. I cried as he walked me down the aisle knowing it could be the last big moment between us because he came close to a major heart attack on the day that he and my mother were on their way to gather with family to cook the meat for my reception. It was the last big event for us. Sadly, he was not pleased with my choice of a husband and he was right to feel that way. He and my husband, Danny, are so much alike and I have no doubt that they would have loved each other. I hope that my Dad knows that I made a good choice this time and have everything he would want for me. Yours was a beautiful story, one I will cherish. Thank you.


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