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Mom on the Bus – By Amanda Witow

This is something I witnessed years ago, but I like to remember it whenever I feel like people are too judgmental or what not.

So I was taking the bus home from university and it passes right by the social services building where I live. This woman with a tiny baby in one of those carry seats gets on. She doesn’t look great. Thin. Possibly hasn’t showered or changed her clothes recently. And she’s alternating between angry and upset.

 An older woman asked if she was okay and the woman shared how she had left her home town to come to the city to get help because her ex was abusive and a drug abuser. She’d gone to social services to try and get help because she had nothing and no one, and had just run out of formula for her baby. (Hence the upset) But whomever she spoke with at social services told her that there wasn’t anything they would/could do and suggested that she go back to her ex. (Hence the angry)

She was determined to stay away from that though, for the sake of her baby.

I’m sitting there, a dumb college kid, trying to figure out how I can give her the 20$ I have in my wallet without offending her, when the older woman declares that she’s going to take this woman and her baby shopping. She’s making a list of items that would be a good couple hundred dollars worth of supplies. Formula, diapers, baby clothes, food for the mom, a baby’s snowsuit (‘cause it’s late fall and going to get cold soon), and a jacket for the mom too… The woman is crying and they get off together when the bus stops in front of WalMart.

I’ve never seen either of those women again. But I like to think about them and how super-awesome they both were. The mom for having the courage to face poverty so that her baby could have a better life, and that stranger on the bus for being a guardian angel that day.

I aspire to be like both of you ❤


Author Bio:

Amanda Witow

amanda witow

Who am I? I’m a nerd, a book lover, a wife, a ninja, and an aspiring author. No really, I am a ninja 😉


  1. Amazing! Thank you for sharing… I know all to well what it’s like to be that mom on the bus and with a silent cry for help! I thank the Lord above for people in this world that help Him bless us!


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