1. How has it come about that so many in this country are afraid to reach out like this, so many thinking so far theopposite that they fell they need to carry a gun instead. I don’t know. Its hugely refreshing and hopeful to read a story kile this. Thank you.


  2. I empathise with what you are doing, but unlike the other comments made, I am a little worried about your situation. Not because you offer lifts to strangers, more that you offer lifts to strangers at 74 years old (or young), while alone.
    What you are doing is truly admirable but maybe it’s time for a rethink? No matter how healthy & fit you may be, if the stranger turned on you/ mugged you/ stole your car, you couldn’t be any match if they were much younger & stronger.
    Helping others is a wonderful thing to do but could you maybe arrange to offer lifts to groups of people that you know don’t have their own transport? There must be many compromises that you could make.
    Unfortunately there are a lot of unbalanced people, they don’t always look worrying. Like you, I trust my instinct, beyond anything else. Recently I allowed a man that I had only just met, sleep on my sofa, rather than make him find his way home. I wasn’t scared or worried. I trusted my instincts. Everything was OK, next morning I sent him home. Then I began to think. Was I getting a bit ‘above’ myself, thinking that my intuition was infallible. I feel now that it was a foolhardy risk for me to take. I would have been acting in a more humble way if I had paid his fare home ( even though I couldn’t afford it.
    You are being such a kind person, but your life counts too. There are so many wonderful people in this world but unfortunately there are a minority who aren’t. You are obviously free to continue, that is entirely your right, but please consider other options. You are wonderful, but not infallible.

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    1. What a kind response Rosieways. Thank you for thinking of my safety. I will say this — I’m no weaker at 74 than I was at 44 if faced with an adversary. In the meantime, I will take your comments as a caring gift of thoughtfulness. xoxoxo

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    1. I’m not sure whether that’s funny or not Windmills of My Mind! But maybe — now that you mention it — people ARE “too polite” to say no??? I never thought of that. Interesting take on it.


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