A Stranger’s Hug Led to Redemption

I was wandering around San Francisco Mission district drunk late at night.

An old homeless guy asked me for a dollar, I gave him one and then sat down to roll us a joint and we got to talking. Turns out he had just gotten out of prison for killing a guy when he was driving drunk and had served almost twenty years.

He told me his whole story, it was fascinating and heartbreaking. I could see that he was a good man with a serious problem.

We talked for almost an hour. I asked him what he missed most when he was in prison, and he said

“being touched. No one has touched me in a loving way in twenty years”.

I gave him a great big hug, and he burst into tears. We just sat there hugging for a few solid minutes.

I asked him if he was feeling alright and he said

“I feel like I’ve been forgiven”.

It was such an intense moment. I felt incredibly powerful and vulnerable all at once.

I never saw him again, but he really stuck with me.

~ By xSpiroAgnewx (Reddit)

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  1. Wow, very moving and lovely…. does my heart good to hear of good people like this, the media would have us all believing that there is very little that it beautiful in this world anymore, I refuse to believe that and this post is proof! much love to all, Michelle

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