1. This is so true. After a year of watching my mum spiral downhill and end up in a 24/7 cared facility I have found my own attitudes changing to those around me. Those old, frail, impaired people who can’t help themselves. There’s a certain empathy that we feel when our loved ones are dependent on us, a kindness that extends to everyone and it changes everything. A wonderful post.

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  2. What you said here was true for me also, after losing my mom to a slow battle with cancer, and then my dad to diabetes and heart issues. But it can make you too soft also. I helped a woman dying of ALS and it was the worst experience of my life. The woman turned vicious; temper tantrums, screaming and crying overnight and worst of all (after we gave up our home to move in with her to care for her, went for months of never sleeping for more than ten minutes at a time because of her temper tantrums and verbal abuse) she then told her family that we weren’t handling her demands well enough. We literally went for weeks at a time with only one hour of sleep combined, total, because of her violent temper tantrums and fits… while trying to hold down jobs and she not only lied to us hurt someone I loved in the process.

    Kindness, like any other behavior (or needing to be needed) has a down side also.

    While I agree with most of what is said here, (the world coukd use some more compassion) remember that no matter what the circumstances are or how sick someone is, you do not have to put up with abuse from either that patient who is dying, or the clueless morons who don’t know what you are going through. And remember that Some people are made to appreciate your kindness – others will steal from you, take you for granted… or sometimes, much, much worse.


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