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I Knew a Kid in Highschool That Never Spoke.

I was kinda a loner myself but it’s easy when it’s by choice.

He sat alone at lunch , and I didn’t have anyone to sit with so I just quietly ate with him every day.

I soon noticed he was in a lot of my classes and I started just sitting with him. When he thought no one was looking he would smile at jokes or start to doodle , but as soon as he knew someone was watching he would go blank.

Naturally, kids started picking on him a little, trying to get him to talk or asking him why he never spoke. None of it seemed to phase him and he would just shrug or smile.

But what really got me mad was when the teachers would draw attention to him . when they would call roll they would pause at him sometimes and poke fun at how he wasn’t going to answer. He would go really numb and still when this happened.

One day I snapped at a teacher to

“leave him – alone”


“if you feel the need to look cool in front of a bunch of high schoolers by making fun of a child than you’re a pathetic person”

I’ll never forget the way he looked at me when I was sent to the office. He had his mouth open like he wanted to say something.

At the office a councilor sat with me and explained that his father died in Afghanistan and he hasn’t spoken to anyone but his mom since.

I learned a lot about people from him. I leaned how cruel they can be , I leaned how kind and compassionate they can be. But then the thing I learned from him, that was most valuable, was the power of listening.

I tried to take my life in November of that year, and I was gone for a few weeks.

The entire school totally knew because of my brother. I was a stupid teenager who didn’t realize the value of her own life.

When I got back he was waiting by my locker.

He said, “Hi”.

I thought it was someone else but he gave me a hug and said,”Hi”, again.

It was the most meaningful thing anyone had said to me during that time.

I cried a little and after that he began to speak to me really quietly. It was little things at first like hello and good-bye but soon he was asking how my day was and, before I knew it,  he was rolling in laughter at my dumb jokes.

He knew more about me than anyone because he listened.

After I graduated I moved.

I still wonder about him almost every day.

Just wanted to share this with someone.

Source ~ ILSHIP (Reddit)

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  1. That was very brave of you to confront the teacher who was teasing your friend. Also brave just to sit quietly with him. I hope things are better in your life and his now.

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  2. I was that kid. In the beginning not by choice, but my choice to be that one grew and reached its peak one day. There comes a time when such people speak up. It just takes the right persons around.


  3. Now, today, that kid would be harvested by the autism and supported living multibillion pound industry.

    Medication would be enforced for life, for easy cheap zero hour care, and he would be encaged for £4,000 a week to venture capital owners like Cambian/LIFEWAYS.

    Google finolamoss, and read post Harvesting the ;disabled’ for profit’. and the fate of Thomas Rawnsley.


  4. This is so powerful and moving. Thank you for understanding him and being the friend he needed and what a beutiful thing that he could then be the friend you needed in return. Am re-blogging. Thank you!


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