random kindness

In Her Darkest Moment, a Stranger Handed a Grieving Mother an Envelope Which Read…”Open Me”

Today myself and my mum went to the new Asda (Supermarket) in Gillingham (UK), and while we were waiting outside I heard a

“here you go love”

and with that a man handed my mum an envelope that read “open me…”

I never got to see the face of this man as I didn’t look round to look at him until my mum had opened the envelope and by this time this lovely man was already half way across the car park.

Inside was a lovely note which stated

“this is a random act of kindness…..doesn’t need to be repaid but carry on an act of kindness….this was mine….what is yours?”

And inside the note was £50! It was signed with John at the bottom.

random kindnessNow John I don’t know who you are or where you are from or why you even did such a generous thing…..but little did you know that the woman you gave this envelope to (my mother) had just recently lost and buried her son, (my dear brother) and we were actually discussing ways we will get the money together to pay for the last bit of the funeral.

Little did you know John that you touched the heart of my mum with your random act of kindness when the last couple of weeks have been her darkest!

I sincerely thank you so so much and I would love for you to be able to see this….to see how it was so much more than “a random act of kindness”

Kindest regards Emma x

Source: Suspended Coffees

 It would be simply awesome if John could see how his act of Kindness touched a family so deeply.
Kindness cartoon

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  1. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt story. It is always so nice to hear of the good in people…there is way too much emphasis on the bad. My condolences to you and your Mom on the loss of your brother.

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  2. It is so reassuring that, in our world which appears to be driven by image, greed, and a generally self-centred lifestyle, that “good Samaritans” still exist. I am also always so pleased to experience courtesy and respect but, sadly, it does not happen too often…. but there is hope! 🙂

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