1. This was poignant, heartfelt and beautifully written. My mother is in a home after failed brain surgery left her unable to talk, walk or feed herself. I feel as though I’ve been grieving for her this past year and I know she will never come home. Your story hit on some raw nerves. Everyone deals with grief differently, sometimes before they’ve even passed.


  2. Thank you so much for this. We lost my mom last December, and my 91 year old Dad and I have grown closer since. We call each other each morning and afternoon, and I visit him at least twice a week. As we go through Mom’s things, it is a bittersweet reminder. But even though we miss her, we know that her spirit is still nearby. We spend a lot of time laughing and remembering together, and Dad is pleased when I can use some of her things.

    Grief is indeed different for everyone. While Dad could gladly go to a grief counseling group sponsored by Hospice (who took wonderful care of Mom at home and helped us immensely), I just couldn’t. But that’s ok; as you say we all grieve differently. I laugh about the hemming ruler because I use so many of Mom’s things now, especially her old Featherweight Singer sewing machine.

    I enjoy your posts very much, and thank you especially for this one.




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