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Policemen Set a Great Example for a Little Boy

Especially during tumultuous times, law enforcement finds itself under intense scrutiny and receives a lot of negative press.

However, with perspective, we can easily see that these men and women do a hard job, often in very difficult circumstances and in sometimes thankless conditions.

Here’s a question to consider…can you really imagine what life would be like without the police?

Here on Kindness Blog, once again, we celebrate the Police and the great examples of kindness and humanity they regularly do.

Policemen Set a Great Example for a Little Boy

How Wonderful!!

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  1. Awesome! Hats off to the officers who cared/. You know in the really fancy hotels staff are given prepaid credit cards worth about $2,000 that they can use in a discretionary manner to help guests or enhance the guests’ experience. Of course they have to account for their spending but only after the fact – they do not have to ask, they can just act. Wouldn’t it be neat if cops had access to funds like that too? I know that is very unlikely and has a lot of flaws, but wouldn’t it be cool? imagine if you were hungry and knew you could go to a cop and ask for breakfast and he/she could provide it.

    Great Post. Thank You.

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  2. Absolutely wonderful, My husband and I were just talking over dinner tonight about how thankless the job of police officers often is but how much they do for soceity. I love hearing stuff like this, it’s a great example they’re setting.

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  3. I have a couple of friends who are police officers. Although they seldom talk about their work, I know it is a job I would not want. I see the stress they carry with them away from their job and into their home life.

    It was refreshing to read this, as situations like this happen regularly but are never mentioned. It is always the negative press we hear about. I cannot imagine what life would be like without police!

    Thank you for sharing this! 🙂


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