1. I considerd myself so lucky that my husband and I could afford for me to be home when our children were small. It was truly a gift and I always felt bad for those moms who missed so much during those crazy first years. You are right though, parts of society (in this county, at least) see this choice as a cop out. We know better! Thanks so much for writing such an insightful piece.

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  2. Right you are!
    I don’t have children myself but I know three (!) of them would have me running around in circles screaming within hours. I really admire the parents who manage to keep their children clean and fed and on top of them teach them life. And even manage to have a tidy house whenever you show up, except for a few toys which is only natural.

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  3. Stay at Home Mom is the most important job in the world. What you “hear” is the social programming to tear us all apart. A woman shouldn’t have to defend making a choice to put her family first. Crazy world.


  4. You sound like you are living my life. I have three children, two dogs and a husband who I feel if I wouldn’t be in the picture could not survive. However, I never get praised all I do is get the third degree when they don’t have clean laundry, food at a certain time, no snacks in the cupboard, etc… I somedays think to myself why am I doing all this and waisting my potential, but than i have that one moment that changes all of it and makes me realize this is my life and I should be enjoying every part of it. However, even as a mom we need to take care of ourselves and do something for ourselves once in awhile no matter what the cost is. Hang in there. Being a mom is the best job in the world.


    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, I keep wondering when I will figure out all the secrets to being a great mom and having a great time while I am at it! This is one tricky job!


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