scary biker

Blanket Statement – by Zena Hamilton

When I was seven, my family drove to the Grand Canyon.

At one point, my favorite blanket flew out the window and was gone.

I was devastated. Soon after, we stopped at a service station. Moping, I found a bench and was about to eat my sandwich when a biker gang pulled into the station.

β€œIs that your blue Ford?” a huge, frightening man with a gray-and-black beard asked.

Mom nodded reticently. The man pulled my blanket from his jacket pocket and handed it to her. He then returned to his motorcycle.

I repaid him the only way I knew how: I ran up to him and gave him my sandwich.

ham-sandwichZena Hamilton, United Kingdom

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  1. I love this!! And, is that the man? He looks like someone I would love to have coffee with and listen to as he shares his stories. Beautiful photograph.


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