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I’m Muslim and People Call Me Terrorist. Do YOU Trust Me?

If Yes, hug me…

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  1. Yes we have made compartments and religions for a human being who comes without religion, if u ask me I would say you r a beautiful person and if people call u that and term u as one what does it matter. I trust you 100 percent friend and loved your beautiful post.👌👌👌👌👌

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  2. It’s too bad the media gives so many groups of people so much bad press. The truth is there are good and bad among all groups of people, and to say all of any group are good or bad, is to tell lies. The Bible says that all liars will go to hell (Rev. 21:8), so I think it is appropriate at all times not to tell, retell, or believe these very harmful and peace disrupting lies. How much peace would there be in this world if there were no such thing as propaganda? That is what the media pumps out – propaganda. We should all be very careful about what we believe in today’s world of popular demonizing.


  3. I don’t trust anyone who believes in a religion that promotes hurting another person. Whether it be someone of a different religion, a relative who switches religions or one of a muslims wives becomes bold and uses her voice; they do not deserve punishment. Your Quran teaches things that are in total opposite to a peaceful way of life. If you are a peace loving person then I would give up Islam.


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