The Homeless – 39 Questions For Your Reflection

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The Homeless – 39 Questions For Your Reflection

by Mike O’Connor

Homeless 1. When you see a homeless person, do you look the other way and keep on walking?

2. Do you avoid making eye contact?

3. Is there a sudden selective deafness when you ‘hear’, or don’t, their requests for help?

4. If you do ignore a homeless person’s request for help, just how quickly does the incident evaporate from your mind?

5. Seconds? Minutes? Hours?

6. What is your honest opinion of these people who are teetering on the very edges of our society?

7. Do they feel that, possibly, they deserve their predicament?

8. Could it be that they are lazy?

9. If so, should they simply get off their lazy rear-ends and look for a decent job?

10. Is it easy to get a job where you live?

11. Do you think it is any easier to…

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  1. There are not clear cut answers to most of these questions because in real life there are no clear lines defining who is to blame, who is really homeless and why are they homeless. Having been briefly homeless as a teen and having traveled a little in Asia and South America I see homelessness here in the U.S. as a unique situation. The answers are a lot more complicated than just pausing to give someone money (Which is sometimes the worst thing we could do). Best we have been able to do has been one on one with people we know and even that has often seemed to yield pretty meager results. Be blessed. Keep asking questions and thanks for taking the time to share


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