Paying It Forward—Literally

Thirty years ago, my world almost fell apart.

I had surgery, was fired, and was informed by the IRS that my employer had not paid employment taxes.

After a few weeks, I saw a flyer about a Japanese festival. Although a physical and emotional wreck, I decided to go. There, I met a Japanese gentleman with whom I chatted for hours.

A few months later, I came home to find a bouquet of flowers and a letter at my door. It was from that same friend.

Inside the letter was a check for $10,000 to help me through my rough patch.

Sixteen years later, I met a family that had been evicted from their home and needed $5,000 to close the escrow on a new house. Without hesitation, I handed them a check for the full amount.

They call me their angel, but I remind them that I, too, once had an angel.

~ H. Mahdessian


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  1. That is awesome. I have been through rough times in the past few years. I lost my job, my business went under, and I felt nothing would ever get better. The one feeling that never left me though was helping others. My heart always tells me to help others and you will be helped. God knew you would pass the kindness on so He provided for you.


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