Getting over Anger with Loving Kindness

Find Your Middle Ground

blossoming love

When we feel rising frustration and anger towards an other person, it’s time to tend to our selves, rather than act it out against the other.

Acting out our negativity only adds to the violent energy in the world. Our ego-mind may be pumped, but it doesn’t bring about resolution or peace.


Instead, bring awareness to where you are right now. Place one hand to your belly, and the other above your heart. Take a few deep breaths. Allow the breath to become fuller and let it move down into the center of your being.

pauseFeel the warmth of your hands and the movement of the breath. Feel the connection to this tender and loving part of you.
Be present to what just occurred that was upsetting. Notice thoughts, emotions, sensations in the body, without judgment or creating a story.

Then say to yourself:

This person has a body and a mind, just like me

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