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Where has the virtue of kindness, behaviour marked by a pleasant disposition, concern and consideration for others almost disappeared to?! What is it about our societal structure that the basic framework of ethical characteristics seems to have been eroded and the basic milk of human kindness is sorely lacking?

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  1. It’s still there, if you look for it, but rare. I believe that it is a result of several things crashing together. For example, more and more our mother’s had to work instead of staying home to guide and nurture. Technology advancements meant kids played video games became more desensitized to violence. We’ve lost the art of communicating with each other, as we are more likely to text instead of talk. We don’t even hear each other’s laughter. Instead it’s LOL or ROFLMAO, etc. We have become programmed to not trust each other, to compete with each other, or “Ghost” each other. Young people are progressively doing shocking things to get attention on Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, or YouTube. And look at their influences on the television! Movies keep raising the bar for violence, sexuality and horror. There are too many bad influences and too many choices for our younger generation. (I’m 67 years old). I don’t blame them. And I don’t know how it can be corrected. All I can do, is make a difference myself, in being kind, doing random acts of kindness, etc. Encouraging my children and grandchildren in kind thought and deed. We are all lost, if the last vestiges of kindness are forgotten.

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