One Man Planned On Killing Himself When He Left His Apartment, Until He Met A Stranger

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Craigslist is one of the most unique tools that the Internet has to offer. You can use it to find anything from a new couch to a reliable dog walker. 

There is one very special part of the site that’s usually overlooked, which is sad, because it often holds emotionally gripping, heartbreaking tales.

That section of Craigslist is called “Missed Connections.”

The point of Missed Connections is to bring people together who wish they knew each other. If you saw a beautiful woman on the street, for example, you’d go to the Missed Connections page and write about how you felt about her in hopes that she would read it and respond to you. It’s kind of lovely, really.

One Missed Connections listing about a chance encounter, one day in 1972, was posted on Craigslist. The person writing the post, a Vietnam veteran, met a woman while wandering aimlessly in…

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