Letters Left in London by Anonymous

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love letters

For over a year now I have been writing letters to strangers anonymously and leaving them around London for someone to find in the hope that I will bring some warmth, comfort or encouragement to that person. Why, you may ask?

I’m something of a loner, but I like people. I like to think about how connected we all are, and how in different circumstances the stranger I want to poke for barging past me in the street could just as easily be someone I care about very deeply. Imagine a stranger who is doing something to annoy you suddenly falls down in front of you. They are very ill and need your help. I’ll hedge a bet that you’re one of the many good people in the world and that you go to help that person. You do your best, you call an ambulance, you reassure the person, the…

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  1. I’ve started to do this too! Not letters though. I found these heart shaped post it notes and I try to leave them discretely around =D I stopped recently, mainly because the weather keeps getting bad.


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