8 Ways to Recover After a Suicide Attempt – By Steve Austin

Kindness Blog

Since I’ve begun sharing how I went from a pastor to a psych ward, people often ask about my recovery.

Everyone wants to know, is there a single solution? Where does the magic lie? How do they get their own lives (or their loved ones’) back? Or, as others have said,

“What is the one thing that made you want to start living again?”

The truth is, there is no magic formula, but here are some intentional steps that made my life better. I am not a professional therapist, and everyone has a different recovery story. I can only share from my own experience. Here are eight steps that helped me recover after my suicide attempt.

1. Medication.

If I had cancer, you can bet I would take chemo. I might also listen to the naturopath’s advice to drink special juices and cut out refined sugars, or to follow…

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