Hand in Hand For Healing! – by Erika Kind

Kindness Blog

hand in hand wallpaperThere are many of our lovely friends dealing with health issues or mental problems, or are in the midst of working themselves through the wounds of their pasts, having impacting decisions to make, or worrying about a close person.

First and foremost I dedicate this post to you my dearest friends.

We never know what life will bring. One day – one moment – can change everything.

However, simply because change is the one true constant in life, there is always reason to believe that things will change again. Health can improve; we can make peace with the past; stressful times of pressure will pass; solutions will appear; distance from issues can make them lessen in intensity or even dissolve.

Of course there are events in life which won’t change anymore and things can happen which stay with us for a while. But whatever it is you are going through…

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