This Brilliant Postcard Is A Simple Way To Help Those Who Are Self-Isolating

We love this…❤

As coronavirus continues to spread, with an increasing number of the elderly, immunocompromised and vulnerable putting themselves in self-isolation as a response to the growing pandemic, it is all too easy to become caught up in the doom and gloom.

A woman in Cornwall, United Kingdom, has taken action and created a postcard aimed at helping people who are self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

As part of the #viralkindess campaign the public can print and share cards listing their services

Becky Wass, 32, came up with the idea to create shareable cards which allow people to offer help to their neighbours on Thursday.

Becky Wass told her husband, Jon Green, she wanted to make a positive difference. Photograph: Becky Wass / Facebook

“Hello! If you are self-isolating, I can help,”

the cards read, with spaces for a name, address, phone number and possible tasks that the recipient might need help with, including

“picking up shopping” and “a friendly phone call”.

Ms Wass said she had already had a good response from neighbours having posted “a handful” while the idea has gone viral on social media with the hashtag #viralkindness.

Wass, an associate lecturer in creative advertising at Falmouth University, told Cornwall Live:

“I was talking to my husband John about how the news was quite hard-hitting and there wasn’t much we could actually do to make a positive difference. If just one person feels less lonely or isolated when faced with this pandemic, then I’ll feel better about it. Coronavirus is scary. Let’s make kindness go viral.”

The cards, which are available to download online so people can print them at home, include boxes for neighbors to write their name, address, phone number and state whether volunteers can help with picking up shopping, urgent supplies, posting mail or even just “a friendly phone call”



If you are struggling with self-isolation, consider reaching out to an online therapist. You can access online therapy platforms like BetterHelp from the comfort and safety of your own home.


  1. What a good idea. We are lucky we have two sons who live nearby, but some people are totally alone We also have quite a handy ‘network’ of friends. we can call on – and them on us – in time of need. Of course, we should ALL try and help each other.

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  2. I was in the grocery store this morning at about 6:45 picking up things for me and a friend. I’m going to do early morning runs. This morning was delightful. I only saw about six or seven other shoppers.

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