5 Things My Dog Teaches Me ~ by Mike O’Connor

Kindness Blog

We brought Daisy home when she was 8-weeks old.

A white Staffordshire bull-terrier puppy, with the softest fur, occasional faint blue/grey spots across her coat and sweet puppy breath.


She slept in my arms on the car journey home, snuggled in a blanket and my little family (consisting of me, one wife, one son, two daughters and our Jack Russell cross pooch, welcomed her into our house and hearts with wide open arms.

Two years later and Daisy has been, and continues to be, an absolute joy. A sometimes noisy, smelly, farting, messy, funny and loving creature that enriches our days and loves us with everything she has. Simply put, life is better with a dog or two. Right?

So, here’s some of the things she has taught me…

  1. Physical Touch is So Important.

Daisy likes to be close. She likes to cuddle, snuggle up, sniff, kiss and play with…

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