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sleeping on a stranger Yesterday, a user on Reddit shared this image along with the description below. And we just had to share it with you:
“Heading home on the Q train yesterday when this young African American guy nods off on the shoulder of a Jewish man. The man doesn’t move a muscle, just lets him stay there. After a minute, I asked the man if he wanted me to wake the kid up, but he shook his head and responded, ‘He must have had a long day, let him sleep. We’ve all been there, right?’
He was still sleeping soundly when I got off the train 20 minutes later.
It was a small gesture, but a kind one. I love New Yorkers!”
What a wonderful reminder that every moment is a chance to do something good for another person. And not only that, but inspire the others around us with our small…

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  1. Tears! And to see people not only with kindness in their hearts but no masks on. Oh thank God! The agenda for fear is decreasing! SHOUT of JOY!! Bless you for showing me this picture. I am SO encouraged!! xo


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