40 Easy Ways to Be Kind – by Mike O’Connor

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40 Easy Ways to Be Kind

by Mike O’Connor

  1. Smiles are irresistible. Don’t hesitate to smile warmly at friends, family, colleagues and even…strangers.
  2. Write hand-written thank-you notes. The notes don’t need to be an essay and people love to receive them. It’s the personal touch.
  3. If you use public transport, it’s busy and there are no free seats, be the first to stand-up and let a weary traveller, pregnant woman or elderly person take rest.
  4. Pay it forward – When you are in a coffee shop or café , maybe you could buy a coffee or cake in advance for the next customer that comes in. How tasty! Imagine what a sweet surprise that person will get when they discover that a kind stranger has paid it forward for them.
  5. When you see a homeless person, think about how you might be able to help them in some way. Buy a nutritious lunch. Ask them if there is anything that they need. Give them a warm coat. Share a conversation. Spend some time. Listen. Engage.
  6. That thing you’re going to sell. Why not give it away for free?
  7. Send flowers unexpectedly. No reason needed. Just because.
  8. Hold doors open. Even for people who are a little further away from the door than usual.
  9. Make your colleagues/classmates a hot-drink. Expect nothing in return. Well…maybe some doughnuts.
  10. Speaking of doughnuts…why not buy a bag  full and share them out in all directions.
  11. Pay compliments.
  12. Does someone owe you money? Forgive the debt.
  13. When a person is talking to you _really_ listen to them.
  14. Pass books on, especially the good ones or leave them in public places for others to find.
  15. Ask elderly neighbours if they need anything doing.
  16. Tell your loved ones that you love them. Regularly.
  17. When you are served in a shop, bar, restaurant etc, make eye contact and sincerely thank the employee for their help.
  18. Put coins in a meter, any meter, that’s about to expire.
  19. If you know that someone is particularly busy, offer to take their dog for a walk.
  20. When a thought of generosity arises within you, act on it. Don’t hold back. This is important.
  21. If someone is struggling with money problems, find a way to secretly help them if you can. If not secretly, out in front.
  22. Take a friend to dinner.
  23. Stand up for others.
  24. Stop complaining.
  25. Standing in a queue? Let someone go before you.
  26. Tell someone that they look nice.
  27. Volunteer some time to help a charity or perhaps a homeless shelter.
  28. Stop speaking ill of others. Let your words be kind.
  29. Forgive a driver for their error on the road or their road rage directed at you.
  30. Recycle.
  31. Think of the people in your life…what help do they need with chores or tasks? Don’t wait to be asked.
  32. Be the calm voice in a stressful situation.
  33. Donate to your favourite charity.
  34. Spend some time with a senior citizen living on their own.
  35. Teach a child something you wish you knew at that age.
  36. If a friend or family member is having a hard time, make sure they know that you are there for them and are available to talk and help.
  37. Give Blood.
  38. Donate to or volunteer for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  39. Encourage someone to pursue their dream.
  40. “Please” and “Thank You”.

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  1. #1 is definitely the easiest and priceless way to be kind. I love smiling to people and I appreciate people doing the same. #40 is something that we should also teach to the young ones. Again, thank you for being kind.

    Liked by 1 person

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