What is True Kindness? – by Becca Kaye

True kindness is being kind without exception.

It means being nice to the lonely old man in his geri chair, it means being compassionate to the woman in a nursing home, and it also means treating the person you don’t like the way you want to be treated. It’s easier to be kind to friends and family, but true kindness is all-encompassing; it includes everyone. Here are a few people who we sometimes forget to treat the way we would want people to treat us.

Older People

Older people have more life experience than us. However, sometimes people forget that, and don’t treat these people, who have been around longer than many of us, with the respect they deserve. True kindness is showing everyone, even those not in your age bracket, the same level of respect and compassion. 

Little Children

Little children may not be able to answer back if treated unpleasantly, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. Kids are people too, and deserve to be treated pleasantly. 

Those Not ‘Our Type’

Have you ever heard that phrase? “Not our type?” It starts in upper elementary school, gets stronger in high school, and still dominates years and years later. But, surprise! All people are  the same type: human! So everyone deserves to be treated with kindness.

People with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities are sometimes treated unfairly, or ignored. There’s no reason why – just because someone is differently talented than you doesn’t make them inferior, and even if it does, that’s no reason to treat them unkindly. Those with disabilities deserve just as much compassion and sensitivity as anyone else. 

Homeless People

Homeless people are simply part of the wall paper in some cities – but it shouldn’t be that way. A person should never be treated like a part of the scenery. Focus – see the people around you, and shower them with kindness. 


People see foreigners as different, and therefore don’t treat them as kindly. But foreigners are regular people – they just hail from a different country or continent, and hence have different characteristics. They’ll learn social norms; over time they’ll become just like us, but until then (and even after then, too!) always remember to treat them with respect and kindness. 

All of these categories of people share one common denominator: They aren’t ‘like us.’ And that’s the problem. True kindness should not be limited to those you like, those you respect, or those in your everyday social circles; it should encompass everyone you meet!

True kindness doesn’t stop where familiarity ends; it should continue flowing, always. 


  1. I used to work with people with mental illness, sometimes homeless. To be frank, they didn’t always smell that good. Some staff had a problem with that but I was always able to look beyond that, giving hugs if appropriate. Great post.

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  2. I find it easy to be kind to all of the aforementioned people here. I find it hard to feel kindness towards able bodied, able minded people who are selfish jerks or even just self satisfied folks. I know I would be a truly evolved person if I could feel kindness towards all but that has not yet happened.


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