Pizza No Longer Needed in Room 4112

It can be difficult to turn down the request of a sick child, especially when it’s a request for pizza.

Pizza needed at hospital

Hazel, nicknamed “Hazelnut”, was diagnosed with a High-Risk, Stage 3 Neuroblastoma on April 24, 2013 and is now receiving 18 months of treatment at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Earlier today, with the help of her family, she used tape to put up a sign in her window reading “Send Pizza” along with her room number.

hazel putting up the pizza sign

The sign was spotted by a Redditor who posted it to the site. Within an hour it made the front page where it was seen by millions and many, many pizzas were ordered.

hazels mum putting up pizza sign

Hazel’s family has been busy today. Not only have they been keeping her occupied while she spends time in the hospital recovering but they have been giving away slices of pizza as fast as they can.

The Hammersley family will be going to bed very full and very thankful for the compassion they received today.

sick children eating pizza

The Childrens Hospital Los Angeles said, “On behalf of the Hammersley family, thank you for spreading the word and we hope the photo of Hazel with a successful pizza delivery received spreads just as far and fast as the original photo has.”

hazel with pizza


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