10_year Old Girl Fundraising For Cancer Research, One Odd Job At a Time

A 10-year-old Whitby, Ont. girl is using her summer break to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society, one odd job at a time.

Francesca LoGiacco, who recently launched the “My Summer’s Not Gonna Be A Bummer“, has already raised more than $1,500 by doing a number of chores for people in her community and running a lemonade stand in her school’s parking lot.

Since last month, LoGiacco — who has been blogging about her campaign — has baked cookies for a senior’s home, feed cats and helped a mom walk her dog.

Francesca LoGiacco
10-year-old Francesca LoGiacco is using her summer break to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society, one odd job at a time. (Photo: summerforcancer.ca)

Some of the tasks LoGiacco suggests on her blog include: washing cars, pulling weeds, visiting seniors in long-term care homes, and flower pruning.

“I will do tasks asked by my donors … and donate all the money I have made to the foundation,” LoGiacco says on her blog, which is managed by her mom.

The self-described “worker bee” has already lost five family members to cancer, including her aunt, two great-grandparents, her grandmother and her 21-year-old cousin.

Francesca LoGiacco 2
Ryan Pfeiffer / Metroland
WHITBY — Francesca LoGiacco, 10, recently launched a fundraiser called “Summer’s Not Gonna Be A Bummer.” She is offering to do a variety of tasks for people in the community, including dog walking, in exchange for a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society. July 26,

LoGiacco, who will be entering Grade 5 this fall, has been posting pictures of herself doing various odd jobs, as well as thank you notes from her “clients.”

“Thank you for making me my cookies. It will help me recover faster especially since I can’t bake!” reads a note written by a donor named Jessica.

“What you are doing is amazing, raising money for cancer! You are an inspiration.”

Source: http://toronto.ctvnews.ca

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