A Note Thanks Good Samaritan For Saving Her Life

Los Angeles Bus

Life is fragile, and most of the time we forget that. But after her whole life flashed before her eyes during a near-death experience, one person in Los Angeles took the time to write about how grateful she is for the life she has and for the person who saved it.

Here’s the letter in full that she recently posted on Reddit to her street angel:

“I thank you. The adrenaline is still pushing through my veins. I always, always look both ways before crossing the street and today was no different. I pride myself in being conscious and aware when I walk downtown, but today was not cautious enough.I keep thinking that this could have been my last morning. How did I spend it? By being a brat. I was cross with my significant other over something trivial as he rushed out the door to work. I humored one of my usual ‘bus friends’ by being cordial and hearing about his weekend, but I secretly kept thinking to myself that I’d rather be reading. And then came my stop and I exited the bus.

I crossed the street and stood on the sidewalk waiting for the next walk signal. I untangled my headphones, placed the earbuds in my ears and grinned as David Bowie’s voice filled my head. Then I saw the crosswalk signal. I looked left. I looked right. I stepped off the curb and began my daily ritual of power walking to my office, but was interrupted by a hard yank on my right arm. I looked up at my attacker with confusion. And then the bus went rumbling past from my left.

I should have been more careful. I thanked you and you smiled and walked away. I started walking to work and couldn’t control my emotions and my eyes welled up. I don’t think anyone has ever saved my life before.

So, kind sir, I just wanted to say thank you. I will try to live my life better than I have been.”

Source: Huffington Post



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