Every Parent’s Dream Note From a Stranger

Reddit user ‘scarecrow180’ posted a photo of a note his parents received from a stranger at a restaurant with the caption,

“I’m not sure what my younger brother did, but he needs to keep it up.”

This Note From A Stranger At Dinner Is Every Parent's Dream

Content Submission: Leigh Blaikie – Source: Reddit

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  1. It is sad to think that well mannered and polite children are a rare entity. I like how a stranger complimented them on their behaviour. I am sure both the children and parents are proud.


  2. These kids and their parents should be thanked for such good behavior. Sadly, it’s very rare these days. My husband and I always try to make a point at complimenting children and their parents on good behavior also. It’s nice to see that some parents are still doing it right.


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