Buddhist Monk Blesses A Dead Man

A Prayer For The Dead

An elderly person passed away in the waiting hall of the Shanxi Taiyuan train station, China. A monk who happened to be waiting for his train went forth, held the deceased’s hand, and proceeded to bless him.


  1. I live in Brazil where it is common for people to bless each other. I love this custom. I had only thought of ministers, monks, etc. blessing someone but indeed, we all can do this. I send you much love and a heartfelt blessing. hugs, pat


  2. As one of your commentators wrote about this Monk living his religion, what they said is truth. But, I believe that all of us humans live our religion or the lack their of by our actions both physical and through our speech weather we are aware of it or not. For the purpose of an example I will use myself. I can say I am a devout Christian but weather or not I really show the truth by what I do and say. If I act like a scum bucket then a scum bucket I am, not a Christian for a Christian does not act like a scum bucket. Our actions shows who we really are, in this case, the Monk was showing the compassion of a monk.



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