Little Baby’s Parents Kindly Allow Him to Help with Research into Autism

Little baby helping with research into autism

It may not be the most stylish outfit for a five month old boy, but Ricky Kimber is taking part in a unique experiment that could help stop how autism develops.

The measurements taken from the sensor filled cap will tell scientists how babies learn from seeing other people do things.

It is hoped the study at Durham University will provide a better understanding of how babies learn from a young age and will give clues about how autism develops.

Child's play: 5 month old Ricky Kimber
Child’s play: 5 month old Ricky Kimber will be monitored as he plays and learns in a bid to see how his brain develops and look for clues to the development of Autism

Parents Rachel Mitchell and Doug Kimber, from Tow Law, County Durham, took along their son Ricky, aged five months.

Rachel said: ‘It is important to have volunteers because without research we cannot learn about how our children develop and improve our knowledge.

‘But the baby lab at the university is a child-friendly environment.

Source: Daily Mail


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