“…A Dad’s Promise Ought to be Kept.”

Scott Nagy thought a dad's promise ought to be kept.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Scott Nagy thought a dad’s promise ought to be kept. He kept his.
The cancer invading his body doesn’t give him much time. A volunteer team of medical professionals gave him enough on Saturday to keep a vow to his daughter on her wedding day. He made the crosstown trip by ambulance, from an intensive-care bed at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center to First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Strongsville. Monitor cords ran from under his charcoal tuxedo, and a tracheal tube loosened his tie.

UH nurses help a dying dad to his daughter's wedding walk down the aisle

“We did it,” Nagy said with a reassuring smile, telling his daughter he was just a small part of her day and warning she’d streak her makeup.
Jacky Uljanic, the UH nurse practioner who turned wedding planner for the occasion, passed around tissues. Nagy kissed a rambunctious ringbearing grandson and gave a thumbs up.
“It was a promise I made in March, to walk her down the aisle,” he said. “She’s my princess. This is my definition of walking down the aisle.”
“There are no guarantees in life,” Nagy said at the hospital. “This is a bonus.”
Source: cleveland.com



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