Mother Hears her Daughter’s Heart Beat One Last Time

Warning! Tears may flow…

The story of 13 year old Taylor Storch is so heartbreaking and inspirational. After she tragically died in a ski accident, she left behind her organs to save the lives of others. This is the video of her mother meeting the woman who has Taylor’s heart now and hearing it beat again.


    1. Yes, you are correct, the video brought several tears. Now I want to ask you a question to see if you might know an answer to it. I am a 57 yr old white male who has a very bad heart, I was told in March of 99 when I had a four way by pass done that their best guess was that I may only have about 3 to 4 years to live because of how bad my heart and my arteries are. Well that was 14 yrs and 8 months ago. I have had more procedures since then and as you can see, it is still ticking. I am listed as an organ donor with the VA and my wife knows that I want anything and everything that can be used to be used to help others once I die. But, I have a niece who lives in Northern Illinois who is now 37 and has two kids of her own who was born with one one kidney and the other one is at stage two to get one of my kidneys once I die. Do you know of any way that I can make it mandatory that she gets one of them? We are of the same blood type and we are blood kin. I live in east Tennessee so we are about 700 miles apart. I asked doctors at the VA hospital if there is anyway that I could give her one of my kidneys now but have been told no because they say I would have no chance of living through the operation because of how week my heart is. Do you know of anyway to make sure that Jennie Sue get’s one of my kidneys? I am very willing to take that chance if Jennie Sue gets to stage four even though my wife is against me doing that while I am still breathing. I look at it as her life is more important than mine, she is 20 yrs younger and she has two kids still at home and all of my kids are grown and out on their own. Let me know if you know of some group that can make sure that Jennie Sue can get one of my kidneys. One other problem, the only insurance I have is through the VA as I am a service connected vet.

      thank you very much,



      1. How heart touching! I don’t know of how weak your heart is … But it is really big for sure. Your niece is my age:).
        I am not aware of any group who would do that but will ask around!
        If I get any info on it… I will message you.
        Bless you and bless your heart!


    1. Thank you so very much!!! I have often wondered how we could get this operation done because I know the operation would cost a lot of money that neither have. If I die in a VA hospital the hospital will remove all these parts at my request but they will all go to VA vets. I do want that except for a kidney for my niece Jennie Sue. So I guess I would have to die in a hospital in northern Illinois but the need for somehow making it possible, getting through the legal and financial road blocks. But if I die in a non VA hospital my wife Kathy would be stuck with many bills that she would have no way to pay. I would give my life for her’s if needed to be so, even though my wife and kids don’t want me to try and help while I am still a live, plus the reality that a doctor or hospital would not preform the operation if they knew the operation would kill me. It would be so hard on me if she were to die while I am still breathing knowing that one of my kidneys would have saved her. With Jennie Sue she may well out live me before she has to have a donated kidney but with me I could without warning have another heart attack that could be the last one.



  1. Somehow, “Like” seems inappropriate, though it is the only choice we have. Yes, I sobbed, like most who heard and saw this. The passing of a child is always a wound…but these strong determined parents found a way to acknowledge her in life once again.


  2. What an amazing story. My mom reversed my DNR when I was having reonstructive surgery that had failed and they needed to go back in and remove the necrotic tissue and save my life…I know now exactly how she felt through you. Thank you. God Bless, JBC


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