1. You’re welcome. I enjoy the feeling i’ve got after reading your article, here or g+.
        So it will be my pleasure to help your campaign for humanity and kindness.
        You have my support. So please feel free to ask. 🙂


                  1. I think i will be okay.
                    It’s hard to beg her to come back, but yeah, i will be okay.
                    Thank you, for your trust, for giving me spirit to change myself to a better man (hopefully)


    1. Well, not exactly. We like the house logo and would, ideally, like something with same/similar coloring, perhaps showing a faceless figure reaching down to lift someone up? Something minimalist, easy and kind! 🙂


    1. Hey 🙂

      No logo has been designed as yet! We have, as you can see, changed the blog theme and layout but we still have not worked on a suitable logo. Any suggestions are gratefully received! 🙂



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