israeli and palestinian women swimming and splashing in the water - kindness
A group of Israeli women illegally brought some of their Palestinian female friends from the southern part of the West Bank into Israel for a day in the sun. The Palestinian women went in disguise, which meant removing clothes rather than covering up.
Most of the Palestinian women had never seen the ocean before, because they live in a part of the West Bank that is landlocked. Together the women waded into the Mediterranean Sea, smiling, splashing and holding hands, getting knocked over by the waves, throwing back their heads and laughing with delight.
The Palestinian women risked prosecution by taking a swim, as did the dozen Israeli women who brought them to the beach. And that was reportedly part of the point: to protest what they and their hosts consider unjust laws.
After the day at the beach, the Israeli women gave the Palestinians a walking tour of Tel Aviv. Such visits began a year ago and have blossomed into a small, determined movement of civil disobedience.
The Israeli women are currently under investigation for the act, and the case is pending. No Palestinian women have reportedly been questioned.
(Photo/Story via New York Times and The Daily Saint)

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