Last Meal

The only act of kindness these pigs will ever know - after a lifetime of torture & before a gruesome death, a volunteer feeding apples to pigs on their way to slaughterhouse
Maybe the last act of kindness these pigs will ever know.
A volunteer feeds apples to the pigs who are on their way to a Toronto slaughterhouse. 


  1. Love your blog but I’m a little confused on this entry. Were the pigs in the picture also the ones getting water? Looking at how the good samaritan is dressed, I can’t believe the temperatures outside were 30C; just wondering. Still think it’s wonderful when people help out anyone or anything in need.


    1. You know, I’m a little confused myself now lol 🙂 Something’s not right there, that’s for sure. To be honest I’m scratching my head as I don’t know how we missed it at this end!!! I’ll dig into this and come back to you 🙂


    2. Hello!

      Looks like we mixed two incidents up. The photo matches the text regarding the apples and last meal. However, the temperature part was taken from another piece where animal activists were trying to help a whole group of pigs tightly packed in hot temperatures!

      Thank you for pointing this out.

      You are hereby awarded an honorary position as Kindness Blog’s Executive Vice President of Quality Control! 🙂



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