Amazing Present For Girl With Only Two Weeks Left to Live

crowd for Delaney Brown
‘zeeginganinja’ wrote:
“An 8 year old girl, [Delaney Brown], with leukemia from my hometown has been given less than 2 weeks to live. One of her last wishes was to see Christmas carolers. This is the turnout.”
Delaney Brown crowds
Here’s another picture of all the people that came out to sing.

Watch the Carol Singers’ Video here…

WEST READING, Pa. — Thousands of Christmas carolers gathered to sing outside the home of a terminally ill Pennsylvania girl.

The singers were fulfilling one of 8-year-old Delaney Brown’s wishes: a huge holiday sing-along outside her West Reading home. On her “Team Laney” Facebook page, a picture of Delaney giving two thumbs up was accompanied by the text, “I can hear you now!!! Love you!”

Delaney was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia in May. Her family says earlier this week doctors gave her only days to live.

Supporters have been trying to fulfill a number of Delaney’s wishes. She video chatted with singer Taylor Swift on Friday, her eighth birthday.




  1. In a world where doom and gloom fills most media, this blog is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for showing that human beings are capable of wonderful things as well as the bad. Merry Christmas Laney.


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