Best Christmas We Can Remember…

random acts of christmas kindness - feeding the homeless
‘Reformed_journalist’ wrote:
“So this year things have been pretty up and down. But still always feeling very blessed. So the day before Christmas was upon us and we really hadn’t even done any shopping for each other. Our options were to go out into the crowds and buy stuff that really didn’t have a lot of meaning. Neither of us had anything that we wanted. So instead we took that money and bought food. Really good turkey, water, fruit, chips and made 24 really nice lunches that included a packet from our church.
We spent Christmas morning assembling them and then set out onto the streets of Fresno looking for people to wish a Merry Christmas to. We eventually made it to courthouse park where we found another family dishing out hot-homemade soup. We got to meet face-to-face some of the people in Fresno that are overlooked. We got to shake their hands and tell them Merry Christmas and that we love them. Twenty four meals is a drop in the bucket. We were out in 10 minutes. Our goal for New Years day is 50 meals. It took us maybe two hours and cost us what a meal out would. It’s been the best Christmas ever.”


  1. That, is a great way to pass the joys of the season around, after all, there are a LOT of people who don’t have enough to get by, and, what better way to spread some holiday joys than to give some love back to the world…


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