This Couple Has Been Together 68 Years.

old married couple hold hands as the man lies dying in hosiptal
As well as sorrow in this powerful photograph, we also bear witness to the depth of love and commitment from two people who shared their lives together over such a considerable span of time.
Redditor ‘downvotestickle’ wrote of the photo, “My 91-year-old grandfather is dying. Caught this beautiful moment between he and my 92-year-old grandmother in the hospital today. … I’m hoping to love my wife as deeply and long as he’s loved his.”
(Photo via Reddit via Daily Saint)


  1. my great grandparents had that kind of love and it always inspired me to find the same. I love seeing that in older couples to this day and i hope I can have that wtih my husband now. Its rare in today’s society and still so nice to see it. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I can so relate to this photo,it makes me think of my grandparents, my pop cared for my nan who has alzheimer’s till he became too ill to do so, he has now passed and she is is a nursing home.


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