Best Man With Cerebral Palsy Toasts Twin In Unforgettable Speech

Korey Soderman has all the dirt on his twin brother, Kyle.

Korey, who has cerebral palsy, let some of those secrets fly during his best man speech at Kyle’s wedding two weeks ago. Because Korey can’t speak, Kyle read the speech out loud — once he choked back happy tears, of course.

The Sodermans, from West Palm Beach, Fla., have never let Korey’s condition get in their way. His mom, Wendy, started her own private school, IDEAL & Dream School, when she had difficulty finding a preschool for Korey, according to an A&E documentary about the family.

Korey Soderman
Korey Soderman

Korey, meanwhile, founded his own nonprofit, Korey’s Krew, which works with teens and young adults with physical disabilities.

“I’m differently abled,” he told the Palm Beach Post in 2010, after winning an award for his community service. “I can do what others do, I just do it differently.”

Source: Huffington Post & Youtube



  1. Well, if that doesn’t sum up everything I believe in. That unconditional love is real and it starts in the home with families. And let there be no mistake a family is a group of people bound by love. Any toxins I had in my body this morning are gone. Nothing like a good strong 15 minute happy cry to cleanse you. And much more agreeable sounding then the cleanses everyone talks about these days. Cleanse my soul, it goes deeper!
    Kind parenting my passion,
    Kind communication, my hobby,
    Thanks for posting. Incredibly life affirming.


  2. Reblogged this on KT Talks and commented:
    That unconditional love is real and it starts in the home.
    That joy and happiness are real.
    That brotherhood can be a beautiful thing.
    That a smile and a sense of humor speak volumes.


  3. Reblogged this on scrapperjudedesigns and commented:
    A beautiful video way too close to my life. My boys were twins. Jason had a beautiful personality like this brother in the video but he was unable to express it because of his very physical disabilities. I ask myself what if?…what if Jason could have shown more ?…what would their relationship be like?…probably very much like these twins. Jason was Michael’s best man but could not do half of what this boy did. Jason could not be thr brother Michael could have fun with. What if…..too much hurt to think about. It hurts too much….


  4. Korey and Kyle Soderman, and parents Wendy and Kris are simply so wonderful, devoted and special. Kyle’s wedding video with Korey’s best man speech and dance is the most touching thing I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing.


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