The Saint of Baylovo

This is Dobri Dobrev. Aged 98, he is a Bulgarian WWII veteran.

The saint of Baylovo

He lives 10km outside Bulgaria’s Capital, Sofia. Everyday he walks the 10k to the city capital, to beg for money.

The saint of Baylovo6

Here’s the thing…Dobrev isn’t begging for himself. He manages to live with a 80 Euros pension (roughly 100 USD) a month.

The saint of Baylovo5

All the money that he has collected over the years, an estimated 40.000 euros (50k USD) has been donated by him to orphanages unable to pay their bills.

The saint of Baylovo

Remember…he’s not begging for himself. It’s for orphanages. Yet, he often kisses the hand that drops a coin in his tin, and thanks them for their charity.

The saint of Baylovo

Over the years elder Dobrev separated from the materialistic aspects of life and devoted himself entirely to the spiritual world. Around the year 2000, he decided to donate all his belongings to the church and now he lives very modestly in a small extension to the church “St. Cyril and Methodius” in his native village of Baylovo.

The saint of Baylovo3

What an amazing and inspiring person…


  1. Such a beautifully and inspiring story.
    So much could be learned; people as this remind us how much there is yet to be learned, and appreciated.


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