problem child

The ‘Problem Child’

the problem child



  1. Howard Gardner identified 7+ distinct intelligences, we are all different and need affirmation when we are young, so we can follow our passion. Schools only exercise half of them, so many of our kids fall through the cracks… This teacher is a GREAT teacher:-)


  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! This is soooo cool. The thing is that this little boy is VERY talented…I can see it…I can feel it. I have worked in schools over the year’s as a creative teacher and it is these very, so insensitively deemed ‘problem’ children that have,contained just underneath the very surface …a ‘sea’ (see above) of gifted, ‘in-tune’, worthy, wise treasure’s…overflowing with self-expression beyond their year’s…the thing is..that usually these kid’s are socially miffed and don’t have the skill’s, confidence, know-how re expressing themselves with peer’s or elder’s. I am so happy that this teacher dived-in and saved this little darling’s self-expression AND then gave him the opportunity through negotiation…to SHINE! and boy oh boy…just look at the result! Talk with kindness and genuine positive interest to all your ‘problem’ children today…find solutions WITH them and magic will unfold (see above again…tee hee!).xx


      1. Oh wow! My eyes are leaking…thank you. I would love to write an article for your blog on this very topic. Kindness can be the most beautiful, most simple tool for encouraging self-expression in children and teenager’s today…maybe I will write my heart-thought’s down on the page and send it through to you…see what you think..x!


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