A Proud Mother’s Beautiful Response To Someone On Instagram Calling Her Boy Ugly

A Proud Mother’s Beautiful Response To Someone On Instagram Calling Her Boy Ugly

A proud mother had to endure the pain from a cruel comment about her special little boy on Instagram. This was her beautiful response…

A Proud Mother’s Beautiful Response To Someone On Instagram Calling Her Boy Ugly

Dear @JusesCrustHD,

Since I started blogging about my son Quinn and his disability, I knew this day would come. There’s no shortage of trolls on the Internet who hide behind the anonymity of a screen name with the intent to be cruel, and I’ve seen their hostility many times before. In fact, in the wake of a recent robbery at the Down Syndrome Association of Houston’s headquarters, in which $10,000 worth of technology was stolen, there was no shortage of ignorant comments on the news story reporting the incident. One user asked, “how will they learn to count to potato?” Another claimed that wasting computers on “retards” was stupid anyway and that the organization deserved to be robbed. These comments, while offensive, simply serve to showcase people’s hate-fueled ignorance and aren’t worth my time. I grimace when I read them, but realize there’s little to be done about such stupidity. But last Saturday, you targeted my son personally and instead of being angry, I’d like to give you some advice: Don’t be a d*ck. It will come back to haunt you.

I don’t want to make assumptions about you, but I can only guess that you know little about the helplessness that parents feel when caring for a sick infant with respiratory issues. Quinn was sick last week, but was feeling much better by Friday. We decided to sit in the backyard and soak up the sun after school. There aren’t many things in this world more beautiful than seeing your recently-ill child light up in a smile, and I snapped a few photos to celebrate his recovery, then posted them on Instagram with the hashtag “#downsyndrome.” I love to look through those photos myself in my spare time, because damn if those kiddos aren’t adorable. Of course, you feel differently because you, JusesCrustHD, found this photo and left a comment with one simple word:


A Proud Mother’s Beautiful Response To Someone On Instagram Calling Her Boy Ugly

The fact that you find my child ugly is one thing. You are entitled to your opinion. But the fact that you intentionally search #downsyndrome to find pictures to insult (sadly, Quinn is not the only victim of your behavior; I came across many other inflammatory responses) is both childish and sad. Your profile is also full of offensive posts and crude statements. In one such photo, featuring two kids with Down syndrome and the word “wiitard,” you get bent out of shape because many, MANY people called you on your prejudice. You claim it was a joke and that people should lighten up. But what about purposefully seeking out pictures of our children? What about the fact that a beautiful photograph of my son was tarnished by your hatred? That’s not a joke. That’s cyberbullying. Needless to say, I reported your profile.

This will not be the last time someone discounts my son because he is different. It will not be the last time someone makes a joke at his expense, but to actively seek out actual people to tease goes beyond cruel. It’s inhuman.

I recognize that you want to see me get worked up about your little “joke.” I’ll be honest; it’s hard not to be angry about it, but I can’t allow myself to carry that weight on my shoulders. I can’t allow myself to feel anything but sorry for an individual with so little tact. Because in end, you will be the one to face the consequences of your choices someday. There are few people in this world who tolerate that kind of backwards thinking, and you’ll eventually mouth off to the wrong person. My guess is that you already have, which is why you hide behind a screen name.

A Proud Mother’s Beautiful Response To Someone On Instagram Calling Her Boy Ugly

God knows there were plenty of cruel adolescent boys in my time: boys who took pleasure in pranks and jokes at others’ expense. There were even a few of them that were directed at me, but it gave me tough skin and I grew from the experience of facing such mistreatment. Maybe that’s why I’m willing to let this one go; I know where most of those boys ended up, and it’s nowhere I’d want to be. And as a teacher, I’ve seen kids like you crash and burn. Go outside. Read a book. Compliment someone. Most importantly, enlighten yourself; there’s already enough cruelty in this world, and anyone worth their salt should be striving to make this place better, not worse.

I simply hope my own children learn to look past ignorant comments and actions and treat others with respect and dignity. We all deserve it, even you.


A Proud Mama

Source:Huffington Post


  1. Reblogged this on kizzylee and commented:
    my full respect to this woman and her beautiful little boy, he has the most gorgeous smile and his mum is a braver and stronger person than I am I can only hope to be half as good a person as she is and sincerely hope karma comes to those who deserve it


  2. Anyone who would post such a horrible comment is controlled by darkness which hates the light and love… which your son truly represents. He is totally adorable and if his smile and beautiful eyes do not make someone smile back and see and feel love then they must look within to see what is blocking their own spirit from shinning. So sorry you had to be on the receiving end of such judgmental rudeness, But your light is shinning bright.
    Blessings to you and your family.


  3. Great response. People who put down others are trying to elevate themselves by pointing out the deficiencies of others. What occurs is the exact opposite effect. I find the boy adorable, as well.


  4. I am sickened, upset and enraged by such grotesque bullying. What a scum bag picking on little kids, they have to be one sick and twisted ‘person’. The Mother’s response was priceless, and I commend her. How disgusting it is that in today’s world that a Mother, and her son, have to face such hideous treatment. It makes me sick. Thanks for sharing this article, as once again it proves why cyber bullying is such an insidious crime, that needs to be addressed.


    1. I agree with the Savvy Senorita; your child is adorable and while you responded so well to this “troll”, s/he’s just plain mean and perverted in spirit to be worth a second thought. (Though you will think of it often, I’m sure.) God bless you and your son. You both deserve the good will and love you’ve seen shared on your post.


  5. Your son looks great and I can’t understand what goes on in the mind of someone who can’t see that. A very dignified response. Your son will be as proud of you as you are of him. You both rock.


  6. To “A Proud Mama”: Your son is beautiful and very lucky to have such a great Mama. I see lots of sun shine on your son’s face. Wishing you many days of laughter together.


  7. Keep those combat boots handy there Mama, it’s just getting started. You were blessed by this beautiful, sweet child. You can’t do anything to stop stupid, ignorant people since it’s incurable. Stay in the light, Mama! Stay in the light!


  8. Beautiful child and beautiful mom… God does not make mistakes and He has a plan for your child and you. He is raising up an army to speak out about the various abuses. I pray that God will use you in a mighty way for His good to speak out for His most loved, precious children. May God pour out His blessings up you and your family. Praying for you!!


  9. I think your son is beautifully and wonderfully made. Look at that smile! Those eyes! And sense of humor! My day is blessed just by seeing the photos of him, and you two together.


  10. You are so wise. I too have been hurt by comments made about my son in the street (who was suffering terminal illness at the time). I was too shocked to do anything, and as I turned the corner was almost crying with impotent anger. How I wish I could go back around that corner now and behave with the eloquent dignity you’ve shown. Your son is beautiful and so are you .


  11. Your sons so adorable I cant take it and Kudos to you because I would’ve lost my mind in that situation dont know how you did it


  12. Dear Proud Mama,

    Good for you! How anyone could possibly see this beautiful as anything but a gift straight from God, I don’t know. He is an angel, and you are lucky to have him, AND wonderful that he is feeling better.

    Your response to this sad troll is dignified and well said. And you’re right–don’t let anyone or any cruel comment cloud who you and your wonderful son are. Taking the high road isn’t always easy, but it keeps your heart in a higher place.

    Just seeing that darling little boy smile made my day! Thank you so much for your post.




  13. Please let me add a few words to describe what I see when looking at the pictures of your son: beautiful, amazing, joyous, angelic, wonderful, incredible. happy, healthy, loving, precious and one of God’s masterpieces. How lucky you are to have this beautiful child in your life, and how lucky WE are to see his smiling image!

    Thank you–your sweet boy made my day. 🙂

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