‘Peeps’ the Duckling Spends 41 Days in a Man’s Beard-Nest!

A man has saved the life of a baby duck by keeping the little creature underneath his beard for 41 days(!) to give it a warm nest. Reddit-user Spongi bought an egg that he thought was from a chicken, but a little baby duck turned out to be occupying it!

Duckling Spends 41 Days in a Man's Beard-Nest

Because ducks are quite social animals he knew that the baby would only survive if it learned the crucial social skills. Mother ducks keep their kids underneath their wings to keep them warm, so this inventive man decided his beard would be the next best thing!

After 41 days the (baby) duck, now called Peeps, doesn’t fit underneath Spongi’s beard anymore – but a friendship has blossomed and Peeps still crawls on his shoulder when he gets the chance!

(Source: MSN)


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