Meet Preston – 103-Year old Singer and Veteran

Redditor ‘skagandschisms’ wrote:

“Today I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with this man, Preston, who is a 103-year-old singer and veteran. Every day at the same time he walks past my work and puts the rest of men in this city to shame with his impeccable style and positive demeanor.”

Meet Preston - 103-Year old Singer and Veteran

Just knowing that Preston is out there, somewhere, puts a big smile on our faces! 🙂


  1. They don’t make like they used to. You are so lucky to have met him and hear some of his story. We’re losing the generation that fought for our freedom in WW2. We need to hug a military person young or old every chance we get. We let them know we have not forgotten them. Great photo.


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