First Aid for Bees – Please Read

As you may already know, Bees crucial to many crops are still dying at a worrisome rate:

Over the past few years, bee populations have been dying at a rate the U.S. government says is economically unsustainable. Honey bees pollinate plants that produce about a quarter of the food consumed by Americans, including apples, almonds, watermelons and beans, according to government reports.

Redditor ‘mmiu’ shared this lovely piece of advice:

“Summer is coming. If you see a bee on the floor still, it may not be dead, it may be exhausted and need of a drink. Melt some sugar in water to help it.”

First Aid for Bees

To understand a little more about why bees are disappearing, please watch this video and share with your friends below...




  1. Reblogged this on The New Vehicle and commented:
    Saddens me that so few seem to care about such a crucial part of our biosphere and civilisation. My beautiful garden and flowers were the colour in what was thankfully a rather idyllic, rural childhood. But I have to ask, without bees, could any of my children enjoy the same happiness I felt? Though that question of sustainability is at the centre of most environmental and animal issues, isn’t it.


  2. Thank you for this amazing video. I had no idea how important bees were to our food source, and how these toxic chemicals were responsible for the diminishing of bee hives.


  3. Reblogged this on Eliza Waters and commented:
    A very compelling TED talk about the plight of the bees. I urge you to take the 16 minutes to listen to this very educational talk and to learn the very simple ways we each can make a difference to turn around the decline of this crucial genus.


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