Pope Francis has his Car Stopped and Gets out to bless a Disabled Woman

Pope Francis has his Car Stopped and Gets out to bless a Disabled Woman

Pope Francis is a Daily Saint no matter the religion you follow.

The pope once again demonstrated his love and sense of humanity by stopping his car to get out and bless a disabled woman brought on a gurney to the side of the road.

The family in Calabria, Italy, had hung large banners on roadside buildings saying, “Francesco Stop! Here is an angel,” and “Dear Papa, Bless our young Roberta.”

Pamela Mauro, the woman’s sister, said she had little hope that her signs would cause the pontiff to stop, but as he traveled in a motorcade in the backseat of a Ford Focus, the car slowed, and he quickly emerged and began to bless Roberta, along with the two children in the group.  

The whole scene was caught on video and posted on YouTube by Ivan parfenie.

Sources: Youtube via Daily Saint

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  1. Before the smoke rose from the chimney announcing the successor for pope I prayed God would bless the world with a humble man. A man of true faith. A difference maker. God answered by prayer. I pray for Pope Francis. I pray for his protection and unswerving allegiance to the principles of God’s Word. I pray that his joy would be great and, as he partners with Jesus in this journey, his burden will be light.


  2. Reblogged this on janjoy52 and commented:
    This brought me to tears. I thought of how it must have been for the people of Jesus’s day lining up to receive His touch of healing and blessing.


  3. Truly, the people’s pope. By example, he is showing a better path forward for all, as well as slowly turning the Catholic bureaucratic battleship in the right direction.


  4. Very true. Regardless of our station in life, kindness always blesses. How wonderful for these people to see someone like the Pope take his time with them, plain people, and give his personal love.


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