Pope Francis Embraces Horribly Disfigured Man

Pope Francis embraces horribly disfigured man


    1. I hadn’t even thought about it!! I think the word “horribly” merged with “disfigured” in my subconscious. I just read it as one. Didn’t think. Interesting comment.


  1. Our Creator does not look at our faces or our bodies, but He looks at our hearts. This image is a beautiful invitation for all people to look beyond the outside appearances.


  2. Haven’t stopped blubbering ever since I saw this. That kiss, the embrace, that touch, the man’s hand now tentative on the Pontiff’s sleeve, his face buried in his robes, the place of prayer the Pope goes to with the ‘child’ in his arms….the beautiful man enclosed and loved, the sense that this is the best of our humanity, and in it the message of grace that even what is wounded, broken, rumoured, seeping, deformed even within me, and another, is kissable no matter what, it is part of my (our) core being: sought out, deeply loved, un-judged, cherished and the tender subject and object of an infinite gaze of love. Thank you for sharing this.


  3. I agree with you Alasi on everything you just wrote. I am not Catholic but I do believe that this Pope is a very good man. I to am glad that this post was posted, thank you very much.



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  5. Pema Chodron writes about her teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. He was taught “approach what you find repulsive, help the one you think you cannot help, go to places that scare you.” Even though I wished it were different, embracing this man for me would be practicing all three contemplations. Thank you for sharing. The picture invites me to embrace ALL forms of life, and I have tears in my eyes.


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